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What is Photo Art?

Quite often what looks like a mediorce digital photo can be given a whole new lease of life and become worthy of a place on your wall, rather than in the corner of a social media photo album or post...

M​y 'Photo Art' service offers you exactly that with digital transformations into 'Light' or 'Dark' Watercolours, Spot Colours and / or Oil & Sharpening finishes...

There are example of each of these below so you can see exactly how these transformations work, starting with my most popular edit, Oil and Watercolour.

Now not all photos transform well, they could be too small, or poor quality, or even perhaps blurred, so that is why I assess your photo first and provide you with a sample image for free.


Only if you are satisfied with how it looks do we proceed and create the final image. I think that is only fair and ensures my customers have a greater say in the process.

How Do I Order?

Simply click on the Order Now button to see prices and options and to fill out an order form!

Oil & Watercolour Photo Art

Oil and Watercolour transformations mix very well together to add vibrancy, enhance colours and to give an impression of texture to photos - as can be clearly seen in the example here.

These are proving to be my most popular Photos Art transformations and work particularly well with pet portraits.


The main difference between this offering and just the watercolour is in the detail.

The oil effect added to the watercolour brings the image alive, particu;larly, in pet portraits,  fur and facial features. Where watercolour is softer, oil and watercolour is more vibrant.

Light & Dark Watercolour Photo Art

There are two options for Watercolour Photo Art, Light and Dark.


The difference between the two is the background canvas and colour palettes.

With Light it the overall Photo Art is closer to the original photo which usually is, err, light - no suprises there.

I will leave you to guess what Dark does :-)

As oppose to Oil & Watercolour, Watercolour on its own is softer and 'flatter'; as indeed watercolur pictures are when  compared to oils.

Nevertheless they can make a striking transformation to your photos.

Spot Colour Photo Art

You might not know this as Spot Colour but it is very recognisable, often depicting a red phone booth or pillar box or umbrella standing out within a black and white photo or painting.

If you chose this option you get that chance to tell me what in your photo you want to be left in colour.


Should you wish you can specify what colour too!


For example "leave the unbrella in colour and change it from red to blue".

Oil & Sharpen Photo Art

Finally there is Oil & Sharpen...

This is the normally just used to breath some life, a bit more vibrance and contract into a photo, to make is 'pop' - as can be seen from the before and after pictures.

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